2010 Endorsements

Congressman Tom Latham
I have been witness to Chad Airhart’s leadership abilities in numerous capacities. I have been most impressed by his direction of the Waukee Area Chamber of Commerce, and work that he has done in the Waukee Area. He has proven himself to be local leader that cares for people and his community, and I know he is the type of person that we need in elected office. He will not only be a leader for the people of Dallas County, but a leader for County Recorders across Iowa.

Lt. Governor Reynolds & Chad Airhart

Lt. Governor Kim Reynolds
During the period of time Chad worked for Congressman Steve King’s official office in Creston, I had the privilege of getting to know Chad very well. I watched him as a professional, public servant and community activist. I know Chad is committed to making Iowa a better place, and I am thrilled he is running for County Recorder. He will be a great Recorder and Dallas County will be well served by his service.

State Senator Jerry Behn, State Representative Ralph Watts & Chad Airhart

State Representative Ralph Watts

In Chad Airhart Dallas County voters have a unique opportunity to elect an official with principled leadership. I have known Chad for a number of years, and know him to be a servant of the people, always doing what is in the best interest of his fellow Iowans. I look forward to him being my representative as Dallas County Recorder.

State Senator Jerry Behn
Chad Airhart has always been a strong conservative voice for fiscal responsibility, and I know he will be a great asset to the people of Dallas County and do a great job in the County Recorder’s office.

Clive Mayor Scott Cirksena and his family with Chad Airhart

Clive Mayor Scott Cirksena
As Mayor of one of the county’s largest communities, I look forward to having Chad as a partner in the Dallas County Courthouse. Chad not only understands the complex issues facing our county and state, he is a champion of good government and is a progressive, forward thinker. Chad will serve the residents of Dallas County very well as their County Recorder!

DeSoto Mayor Josh Chapman

I can’t think of a better person to represent the residents of Dallas County. His experience as a small business man, community organizer and volunteer make him a unique voice for so many across our county. When something needs to be done, Chad is one you can always count on. His energy and passion for Dallas County & Iowa is truly admirable, and I look forward to Chad serving as my County Recorder.

Urbandale Mayor Bob Andeweg
During Chad’s tenure as Chamber of Commerce Director I have witnessed him work to grow eastern Dallas County, not just from a commercial standpoint, but as a leader and volunteer for causes that benefit those who are in most need. I am proud to call Chad a friend and happily endorse him for County Recorder. I look forward to having him as a partner for the city for Urbandale in the Dallas County Courthouse.

Waukee Mayor Bill Peard & Chad Airhart

Waukee Mayor Bill Peard
I have watched Chad lead the Chamber of Commerce through tremendous growth the last 3 years, and know he has the leadership skills to be a phenomenal leader for the Recorder’s office and Dallas County. In addition to Chad’s leadership for the Chamber, he has been a dedicated member of the Waukee Planning & Zoning Commission, advocating for development and the most proper use of land in Waukee.

Adel City Councilman Jon Mcavoy
As a City Councilman in Adel, the County Seat and one of the county’s largest communities, I need partners at every level of government to ensure our residents maintain a high quality of life. On a number of circumstances, I have witnessed Chad demonstrate his care for Iowa and I look forward to him serving in our County Courthouse as County Recorder.

Waukee City Councilman Casey Harvey
I am proud to endorse Chad Airhart for County Recorder. I have always known Chad to be an engaged community member with real solutions to the difficulties facing our community. As Chamber Director he has advocated for business owners and as the Vice Chairman of the Waukee Planning & Zoning Commission he has worked with land owners and developers encouraging the most appropriate use of land throughout our community. He will continue to be a great asset to Dallas County.

Waukee City Councilman Shane Blanchard
As a City Leader I have been impressed with Chad as a man with a very promising future. For years he has provided extensive service to the Republican Party, and I know he will represent the parties platform while serving as Dallas County Recorder.

West Des Moines City Councilman Charles Schneider
I have known Chad for some time, and from watching him work across our communities, I know that he has his finger on the pulse of Dallas County. Chad is energetic and passionate about everything he pursues. I am proud to support Chad Airhart for Dallas County Recorder, and am confident he will continue to be an outstanding champion for Dallas County and Iowa.


Councilman Casey Harvey, Rep. Ralph Watts, Rep. Erik Helland, Chad Airhart, Rep. Chris Hagenow & Sec. of Ag Bill Northey at a 2010 Airhart fundraiser