Dallas County recorder helps fix marriage snafu

My husband and I recently needed to obtain a copy of our marriage certificate, and learned that 20-plus years ago our marriage certificate was not filed with the Polk County recorder after our ceremony. Our quest to get a “court ordered delayed marriage” certificate took us to several state and county offices. We later learned we […] Read more »

Dallas County Must Add Space

Despite nearly doubling in population in the past decade, Dallas County voters did not feel passing a bond referendum for a new administrative building and public safety facility was the answer to our current space shortages and future facility needs. As a small government conservative, I supported the proposal because it was necessary for a […] Read more »

Can a common sense, simple, fair idea work in Washington?

Over the past couple months, Americans have battled over the debt ceiling, taxes and entitlements. And what has gotten done? We are borrowing trillions more and leaving the future of our country’s spending and debt up to a small group of handpicked elected officials to solve. In my opinion, it simply will not work. About […] Read more »