Meet Chad

Chad waving at the 4th of July parade

At the conclusion of his first term as Dallas County Recorder it is apparent Chad is bringing change to Dallas County government. Chad made cuts in the fiscal budget inherited from his predecessor, and made more spending cuts in the following budgets. These cuts resulted in a $1,136,861 surplus in his first term, returning those dollars lessening the burden on the counties taxpayers. He has restructured the Recorder’s office to comply with the U.S. Department of State to allow the office to be a U.S. Passport Agent; continuing to provide a needed service to Dallas County residents while saving a considerable amount of revenue for the County. Chad has utilized technology, and Dallas County now has 40 years worth of records available electronically, being the first county in Iowa to provide indexing and images that far back. Having these records available electronically will save Dallas County substantial revenue for years to come while providing a back up of the County records to preserve the continuity of commerce.

Chad at the signing of Iowa’s largest tax cut in history, a bill which he advocated for.

Prior to being elected County Recorder, Airhart served as the Waukee Area Chamber of Commerce Director.Throughout those years, Waukee was rated as the fastest growing city in Iowa. As Director, Chad was a strong advocate for pro-business legislation, and oversaw the growth of the Chamber by more than 160%. During his tenure as Director, the Des Moines Business Record named Chad one of Des Moines Forty Under 40. Chad also served as the Vice-Chairman of the Waukee Planning & Zoning Commission. There he worked with many developers and landowners encouraging the most appropriate use of land throughout Waukee.

Chad speaking at the 2015 Blue Jean BashDuring the 2010 campaign, Airhart campaigned as a strong fiscal conservative, as someone who would be a fighter to reduce government waste and spending. That is just what he has done. Airhart has worked to streamline the responsibilities of the Recorders office to make it more efficient for Dallas County Taxpayers. Airhart has been involved in public service for a number of years working for positive change throughout Iowa, but specifically, central Iowa and Dallas County.

Chad speaking at the Joni Ernst primary election night victory party

Chad is a seventh-generation Iowan. He serves (or has served) as a Board Member for West Bank’s Central Iowa Community Board, the United Way of Central Iowa’s Education Cabinet, the Waukee Leadership Institute and the Waukee Area Chamber of Commerce. Chad is in his second term as Chairman of the Iowa Republican County Officials Association. Chad served on President Bush’s re-election team in Iowa as part of the Victory ’04 staff, served as a District Representative for U.S. Congressman Steve King and on Governor Mitt Romney’s Iowa senior staff through 2007. Chad owns Iowa Cigar Company in West Des Moines, Iowa. He enjoys old cars, playing golf, shooting guns at the range, making sure his shoes are shined and listening to Bruce Springsteen and Oasis on his iPod.