HF 662 Bill Signing & Governor’s Remarks

“This bill relates to vital statistics, including access to birth records and vital statistics fees collected by the state and county registrars of those vital statistics. This bill was initiated by the Iowa County Recorders Association that includes both Democrats and Republicans. This bill improves access to birth records for Iowans. The bill does two things; First, it provides the ability to waive a $20 non-search result fee. Currently, if an Iowan goes to their county recorder and they search for the birth certificate and they do not find a record in the office the recorder still has to assess a $20 fee. This bill allows for recorder offices in non-search result situations to not assess a $20 fee. Secondly, the bill establishes a mechanism for county recorders to access the state’s central database of birth certificates once the technology and all records are available centrally. Not all birth certificates are available at the county level and this technology will reduce burden, cost, and time for Iowans. The bill passed 50-0 in the Senate and 79-19 in the House.” – Iowa Governor Terry Branstad