Recorder warns of potential deed scam

The Dallas County Recorder’s Office is asking residents to be cautious if they receive a piece of mail asking them if they want a copy of their deed and property assessment. Dallas County Recorder Chad Airhart said, “Recorder’s offices across Iowa have received phone calls from concerned citizens about letters they received saying there was ‘deed activity recorded in public record’ and they should obtain a ‘current property grant deed assessment’.”

Recently, a company called Record Transfer Services sent out letters to homeowners across the state with the above wording. Although the letter and form looks official, there is mention that it is a solicitation. The notice is designed to cause the homeowner to believe that there has been a recently recorded document, which is often not accurate. Anyone who receives a notice from companies offering deed and property assessment searches for their property should not be alarmed or think that it is necessary to respond to it. “Periodically there are companies that try to prey on people who know little about real estate or even less about their real estate documents or how they affect the title to their property” said Airhart.

Record Transfer Services charges $83 to obtain deeds and property assessments. Airhart said, “A copy of a deed can be obtained by searching the records at our office or by requesting a copy, which only costs 50 cents per page.”

Anyone having questions, or to obtain a copy of a deed, should call the Recorder’s office at 515-993-5804.