Adel, Iowa – The Dallas County Recorder’s Office reported a FY13 surplus of $439,893.53. Dallas County Recorder Chad Airhart said, “The surplus is a result of fiscally conservative principles and being in the right place at the right time.” Dallas County is not only the fastest growing County in Iowa, it is one of the fastest growing in America.

During the calendar year of 2012, the Dallas County Recorder took in more documents than any year in the county’s history. Calendar year 2013 is on track with that of 2012, with no end in sight. Recorder Airhart said, “There have been a very large number of subdivisions and plats filed, which tells any astute observer that in addition to existing real estate on the market, there will be many new homes added to the market and hopefully transacting in the coming months.”

Since Airhart took office in January of 2011, the Recorder’s Office has implemented new technologies streamlining some of their processes. “The utilization of certain technologies has saved us from having to add human resources or dispense financial resources. However, the increased workflow has caused excess demands on our staff. We are fortunate to have dedicated employees in the Recorder’s Office that have pulled together and gotten us through some difficult times with much larger than normal workflow.”

Regarding the budget surplus, Recorder Airhart said, “We do not take property tax dollars to function. The Dallas County Recorder’s Office functions like a business. Every year, we project our revenues, fees set by the State for services provided, and we budget to spend less than we take in. The dollars unspent are returned to the county general fund as a surplus. These are dollars that the county does not have to collect in property taxes, lessening the tax burden on each and every property owner in the county.” Since 2011 the Dallas County Recorder’s Office has returned $949,070 to the county general fund.