Airhart contributes to the Des Moines Register Special on the Future of the GOP

Instead of being against the opposition party, as Republicans we must articulate what it is that we are for, and make sure we build a winning coalition. In his 1975 address to CPAC, Ronald Reagan said when talking about a new Republican Party, “When have we ever advocated a closed-door policy? Who has ever been barred from participating?” Sadly for many, the Republican Party of the past decade or so has had a closed-door policy to those that don’t agree on all points. We must agree that we can disagree amongst ourselves, and do so while respecting the opposing viewpoint. Regardless of your perspective on the issues, we can do this and still be good Republicans. Regardless of the intricacies of the party platform, Republicans all agree that limited government and free enterprise is the best way to create an environment for dreams to be achieved, and this is where the GOP must focus it’s energy. Whether you identify yourself as a moderate or establishment Republican, fiscal or social conservative, a small government or compassionate conservative, a blue dog or whatever title you choose to give yourself; we need all to come together in order to win.

We need a Republican Party that raises a banner of inclusion. One that says we can accept those that choose civil marriage without vilifying them. We can be open to new ideas to address our immigration problems in America. Ideas that treat people humanely and does not give a special pathway to legal status for those in country illegally ahead of those going about it in a legal fashion. We must be strong in our beliefs about life, but accept those that have differing opinions, and together promote alternatives to abortion and make sure women that want access to birth control have it. We need a 21st Century Republican Party that is not only inclusive of these issues, but so many more. Similar to the coalition Ronald Reagan put together when he had added to the GOP working class blue-collar union support, support from Hollywood and so many youth that at the time were not the norm of the Republican Party.

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