Dallas County Recorder’s Office reports budget surplus of $244,069

Des Moines Register – Jul 18, 2011 – by Nicole Paseka

The Dallas County Recorder’s Office closed its 2011 fiscal year with a surplus of $244,069, according to a press release by the Recorder’s Office.

Dallas County Recorder Chad Airhart, who is in his first term and was responsible for the fiscal year for the last six months, praised his staff and his predecessor, Cindy Hol, for the surplus.

“Upon entering office in January, I was immediately tasked with writing the fiscal year 2012 budget,” Airhart said. “In doing so, I found areas in the 2011 budget I felt could be trimmed. The belt-tightening was felt by, and agreed upon, by our entire staff. Combine the reductions with better-than-expected revenues as Dallas County has grown, and we find ourselves with a larger surplus than expected.”

The Recorder’s Office is one of the only departments in Dallas County that is self-sufficient and does not require property tax dollars to function. The Recorder’s Office functions from fees collected for the services they provide.

Most of the fees are set by statute in the Iowa State Legislature. The surplus means dollars that have been collected through fees by the Recorder’s Office will go back to the county, and go toward other departments and projects in the county, lessening the burden on taxpayers.