Get your passport now, just in case…

Passport services offered through the Dallas County Recorder’s office may no longer be available after May 1st.

On October 29, 2010 a letter from the U.S. Department of State to every County Recorder in Iowa stated that duties of handling birth records and passport applications must be segregated. The reason for this is instances of fraud that have occurred in other states. These stringent guidelines have put many Recorders in a difficult situation; choosing between restructuring their office to accommodate the new guidelines, deciding not to offer passport services any longer, or working with another office in the County that will apply with the Department of State to be a passport acceptance facility. However, just because another office applies does not mean they will be approved to accept passport applications.

The Dallas County Recorder’s office has a plan in place. We are having discussions with, and awaiting approval from our Board of Supervisors to make the restructuring change that we feel will make us compliant. However, though we have a plan in place, the Department of State may not agree our changes comply.

Because of this, we are encouraging Dallas County citizens that do not have a passport, to come in and apply prior to May 1st just in case we will no longer be able to offer these services following that date. Currently, the Recorder’s office is the only acceptance facility in Dallas County. The next nearest location is the Urbandale Post Office. However, you must make an appointment, and the number of appointments they offer is very limited. The next nearest acceptance facility is the Des Moines Main Post Office or the Polk County Recorder’s office.

The fee for a passport is $110, payable to the Department of State, and a $25 processing fee payable to the Dallas County Recorder. Our office can also take your passport photo for $10.

If you have interest in applying for a passport, our staff will be more than happy to help you. If you have questions, please contact us at 515-993-5804. You can also visit us online at to download the application and learn about the requirements to prove your identity to apply. It is our hope that the Department of State will view our changes as compliant, but come in and get your passport now, just in case…

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