2010 Election wrap up – Chapman, Airhart win big in county races

Major changes are on their way to the Dallas County Recorders Office as Republican Chad Airhart beat long-time Recorder Cindy Hol for control of the office.

“I feel great, I am very proud of the campaign we ran,” Airhart said.

Airhart received 13,620 votes, about 57 percent of the total votes cast, unofficially. That is compared to Hol who received 10,442 votes, or 43 percent.

“I think the people of Dallas County responded to our positive message and to a new vision for the Recorder’s Office,” Airhart said. “I want to thank Cindy for her 22 years of service; she’s been a great asset to the county.”

Hol was appointed Recorder in 1988 and had held the office since that time.

“I’ve served the people of this county for a long time, and if they feel it’s time for a change, so be it.” Hol said. “I’m walking away with my head held high, I know I’ve done my job well.”

She also said that though this year has been tough, she is optimistic about the future.

“I’ve been fighting two battles this year, breast cancer and the Recorders race,” Hol said. “If I had to lose one of these battles, I prefer the second.”

Airhart will leave his position as the Director of the Waukee Area Chamber of Commerce to take over the Recorders office.

“I wish Chad all the best,” Hol said.