Airhart puts people of community first

Dear Dallas County News/ Dallas County Today Editor,I am writing to share with my fellow Dallas County residents (in particular the ones that exercise their right to vote) about my views and opinions regarding Dallas County Recorder candidate Chad Airhart.In 2008 I served as President of the Waukee Area Chamber of Commerce, and worked very closely with Chad Airhart, the Chamber Executive Director.I have come to know Chad as a hard working person that cares about his community. I found Chad to have a good work ethic, and that he is a person always looking for new ways to get the job done, while saving money. I know this is the kind of Recorder he will be. He will look for ways to utilize technology to provide County services to us as citizens while looking for ways to save the taxpayers’ money.This time of year so many talk about being a Democrat, Republican, or Independent, and we should have that talk, but let’s look beyond that when it comes to electing a Recorder. Let us look beyond party, and all agree on a candidate that is about providing services to the taxpayers, while using common sense principles – and that candidate is Chad Airhart.I respect Chad for putting the people of his community, Dallas County, first, not himself or his own interest. That is something that takes courage, and should be admired by all of us. I urge everyone to support Chad Airhart for Dallas County Recorder.Chris McLindenAdel, Iowa resident and Waukee, Iowa business owner