Friends in Adel, Zaun’s hire, and casino stalking

Here’s proving that politics can truly be political — and downright weird — at any level. At our neighbors to the west, Lori Belgarde has been a deputy to Dallas County Recorder Cindy Hol for the past 10 years. Hol, the current and 20-year Democrat Recorder, is Belgarde’s boss. They are also, Skinny hears, very good friends. Skinny’s in-the-know Dallas County correspondent says Belgarde switched parties to run as a Republican so the GOP would not field a candidate. Belgarde’s name is all over Hol’s disclosures we received from four years ago, yet she has not publicly mentioned why she switched parties or is pitting herself against her boss, leaving some to wonder if the only reason both she and Hol are running is to keep their jobs in what could be a big year for Republicans. Then no matter who is elected, they both stay employed. No, this isn’t Cook County, Chicago. It’s Dallas County, Adel. …Read full story here: