3/4/2010 – Airhart will run for county recorder

Waukee Area Chamber of Commerce Director Chad Airhart will voice conservative principles as a candidate for Dallas County recorder, a position that will come up for election in November.Airhart will continue to work for the Chamber while he pursues the county office, which he plans to infuse with both fiscal and social conservatism. He said he plans to make the office more efficient, and also hopes to be an advocate for prohibiting gay marriage in Iowa.Since a decision by the Iowa Supreme Court in April, county recorders in Iowa are instructed by law to issue marriage licenses to both straight and gay couples. Airhart said he would follow the law if elected, but would use the position to advocate for a vote to outlaw gay marriage. He said he would visit the statehouse to make his views known.Read full story here: http://www.desmoinesregister.com/article/20100304/NEWS/3040317/1126/COMM10/Airhart-will-run-for-county-recorder&community=Waukee