I am honored to be your Dallas County Recorder and will continue to work for:

  • a more efficient and fiscally responsible county government.
  • the continued utilization of technology and providing county records via the internet.
  • continued streamlining of the processes in which the Recorder’s office and County government functions.

As one of the fastest growing counties in America it is important that our elected officials understand the needs of a growing community. As the former Executive Director of the Waukee Area Chamber of Commerce and former Vice-Chair of the Waukee Planning & Zoning Commission, I understand the needs and burdens experienced by our municipalities, businesses and citizens. Understanding those needs, our team in the Recorder’s office has successfully streamlined the office by utilizing technology and making available County records electronically to the public.

Anyone that knows me has heard me repeat my mantra that we “spend less than we take in”. We truly function like a business, taking no property tax dollars to function, collecting only fees for services provided. During my first term in office, the Dallas County Recorder’s Office has returned approximately $1,150,000 to the County general fund; alleviating the need for additional property tax dollars for the County to function.

Serving the people of Dallas County has truly been the honor of my life. I appreciate your continued support, and ask for your support in the upcoming election.

Please stop by and see me at Your Dallas County Recorder’s Office.

Chad C. Airhart